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One of the great joys of writing articles for this blog is to research and profile people who own tiny trailers. Not only are my wife and I inspired by the travels and experience of other tiny trailer owners, we also learn a lot about how to do it right. Some of our travel trepidations are alleviated by learning about how others have hit the camping road, and the tips and hard-earned wisdom we gain by our research make it easier for us to gear up and take off.

Below are links to our profiles, with a bit of information and a photo.

5 1/2 Years on the Road--Trampin' and Scampin'
I've run across a few little Scamp fiberglass trailers during my travels and have always enjoyed their self-sufficient, unpretentious allure. These are trailers that get the job done, and have been doing so for a long time. If you enjoy YouTube videos on full-time RV life, then John Holderfield and his many YouTube videos on living full-time in a Scamp 13-foot trailer will keep you occupied during the winter. <more>

Sun and Blue Skies for the Sunray Classic Model 149 Retro Travel Trailer
That classic little travel trailer look . . . that classic retro trailer floorplan--bed in back, dinette/sleeper in the front, and kitchen/bathroom in the middle. I've known that look and style since the 1960s when my parents owned a little Terry trailer, and I saw it again during a recent camping trip. What a lightweight, efficient, classic (and classy) way to camp! <more>

I Meet Happy Tiny Trailer Campers . . . in Their Happier Camper 
So there I was at Maquoketa Caves State Park in Iowa, just arrived and there for two days of hiking and exploring, when a tiny trailer rolled down the campground road. I knew that design. Yes, it was a Happier Camper HC1, a fiberglass camper made in Southern California that utilizes a modular, adjustable interior design. And their campsite was right across the road from me! <more>

Care for a Tiny Teardrop Tent Trailer Walk-through?
So here I am camping at Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa, and in addition to the usual 20-30 footers and the RV buses, I'm happy to say a number of tiny trailers have also arrived in my campground neighborhood. One of them is a tiny tent trailer, although it might be more accurately called a hybrid tent trailer because the unit is mostly hard-sided. It's a light, functional unit--small yet packing a surprising number of camping comforts, including an air conditioner, propane heating unit, and a refrigerator. <more>

A Classic Fiberglass Tiny Trailer: a Family at Home in Their Trillium
Tiny trailer camping is great for one or two people, but what about family camping? What about two kids that are in their active years and big enough to take up a fair amount of space? Ashley and Nick Smolak, based in northern Pennsylvania, are living that dream with their classic fiberglass tiny trailer . . . along with their young daughter and son. <more>

Steve and Amberly Russell: Walking the Tiny Trailer Talk
Two school teachers from Connecticut, Steve and Amberly Russell were married only a year before buying their first tiny travel trailer, an RTTC Kodiak Stealth. "We ordered our first RTTC in November 2018, a Grizzly Bear, but later switched the order to a Kodiak Stealth. We took delivery of the camper in April 2019. We later sold this 2019 Kodiak Stealth in May of 2020 and built the new Kodiak Stealth that we have now in order to test out new prototype features." <more>

Finding Happiness in a "Small" Rather Than a "Tiny" Trailer--One Couple's Experience with the T@B 320s
What prompts a happy tiny trailer camper to move to a small camper (that is, nonetheless, larger than the tiny camper)? That was the question I asked myself when I saw that a couple who owned a tiny trailer, whom I had profiled in 2019, had decided they needed a slightly larger travel trailer. <more>

Tiny Trailer Owner Profile: Laura and Dan Kinney, and Months on the Road
Want to hear in a nutshell why people love tiny trailer camping? Here it is from Dan and Laurie Kinney, from northern Michigan: "We both loved the concept of still living outdoors, but with minimal setup and a queen-sized indoor bed!" <more>
Bradley Ethington Takes the Classic Road
Most of us have either had the experience or heard this story about plumbing: "That drain pipe for the sink is leaking. I'd better tighten it." Tightening leads to replacing, which leads to replacing the faucet above and the drain pipes below the trap. The "tightening" job just keeps expanding. Tiny trailer and Jeep owner Bradley Ethington had a similar experience, only not with home plumbing but with his camping trailer and tow vehicle. <more>

Tin Lizzie and a Teardrop, the New Zealand Beauties
If it's a rustic home built with logs, you might find a photograph of it on Rusty Skerten's Facebook page. If it has an engine and tires and is a classic or a hot rod, there's a good chance Rusty has a photo of it. Rusty Skerten lives near Christchurch, New Zealand, and he thinks it's hard to beat sunsets from his lovely island. The man's a gearhead, a craftsman, and a lover of all things of beautiful and efficient design. <more>

Love Refurbished: A Tiny Trailer Romance
Everyone likes the idea of being able to interact with a tiny trailer builder in order to customize the rig you're buying. Tom and Nancy Grover, of NW Ohio, had that relationship with their builder, Eye4Design, eleven years ago, which led them to buy the first trailer the company built . . . and the last. <more>

Mary, Ava, and Retirement in Their Tiny "Woody" Teardrop
This post is a guest article written by retired school teacher and tiny trailer owner Mary McCartney, from Missouri. It is a perfect Owner Profile and an inspiration for tiny trailer aficionados, especially with her beautiful custom-built trailer. <more>

Annie Wynn's Wonderful World: 3 Years on the Road
During the Renaissance, a balanced life was considered ideal. Specialization in only one area without a breadth of abilities was not as admirable as integrating the physical, mental, and social skills of life into one harmonious dynamic. Annie Wynn, full-time tiny trailer owner and world traveler, has and is living a diverse, "renaissance" life: sailor, project manager, tech writer, programmer, photographer, world-class traveler, and in the last three years a tiny trailer owner. <more>

Single Mom, Classic Trailer--Perfect Fit
What better Christmas gift could a single mom and son who love to camp give themselves but a classic travel trailer? That's just what single mom Jarrett Ransom and Tanner, her son, gave themselves for Christmas in 2018, a 16-foot 1971 Aristocrat Lo-Liner travel trailer that they call "Little Miss Aster." <more>

This Is Mongolia!: Tiny Trailer Owner Profile
People living in a house will "never understand the life of those who live in tents," was the comment of friends of Ariunbold Myagmarkhuu who accompanied him on a tiny trailer camping trip this summer. Ariunbold, or "Ariuk," for short, lives in Mongolia in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. <more>

Tiny Trailer Owner Profile: Jeff Cook
Anyone familiar with Facebook tiny trailer groups will probably have run across a positive, uplifting post or comment by tiny trailer owner Jeff Cook. A resident of North Carolina,  Jeff owns a 2017 squaredrop trailer built by Cross Country Teardrops, which he pulls with a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. <more>

Tails of Wanderlust: Cass Beach
"I used to sit in my work cubicle and just dream of my next vacation and what new places to visit," says Cass Beach. "After several years with my company, I was able to become a full-time remote worker.  This provided the opportunity to traditionally move around the country and I went from Central New York, to Charlotte NC, and then to Austin TX.  Somewhere I stumbled across travel podcasts, #vanlife, and online blogs of full-time RVers. After binge listening to The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, I decided I had to give this nomadic lifestyle a try." <more>

The Traveling Teardrop Sisters
The sisters travel a lot together with their tiny trailers and have discovered that they create a parade-like effect. "I travel in tandem with my sister," says Ann, "so there are two teardrops going down the road. I am in the lead, so by the time a car is passing me, they have already seen my sister. The looks we get are hysterical. We always have to give tours to other campers. You can tell they are curious as they walk by slowly. The usual response is, 'Is there a bed in that small thing?' Most people marvel at how much room and storage there really is in a teardrop." <more>

Jennifer Tipping and Scott Jevons
It's all relative. Tiny trailer camper Jennifer Tipping recently mentioned on Facebook that her significant other, Scott Jevons, was taking a day off to snowshoe before the cold snap hit. "When the thermometer reads -10 but -37 is only 48 hours away . . . you head off to Lake Louise in Banff National Park AB, for a snowshoe!!! Beautiful campground . . . I love the non-serviced section--no hydro, yet the entire area is protected by an electric fence! (Such a high grizzly bear habitat and corridor.)" <more>

Interstellar Orchard: Becky Schade
"I said screw the status-quo and started working on my dreams of perpetual travel, exploration, and adventure." So said Becky Schade, tiny camper owner in 2012 at the age of 28, when she chose to follow the full-time RV life. Is she on a budget? You bet, but she's quite articulate about why she chose to leave her 9-to-5 and hit the road. <more>

Lee and Lori Gandy
Judging from the photos posted on social media, tiny trailer owners Lee and Lori Gandy have many opportunities to camp in beautiful spots in South Carolina . . . and they are taking full advantage of those opportunities. These two happy campers have owned their Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper for one and a half years. It's a Grizzly model, a bit taller than the Papa Bear teardrop, yet still short enough to fit into a garage. <more>

Ruth and Greg Seubert
With seven years of tiny trailer camping behind them, Ruth and Greg Seubert are a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and great stories. Hailing from central Wisconsin, the Seuberts are in the process of fulfilling our shared camping dreams of good times in nature--specifically for them, to visit "as many national parks as we can. We’d also like to visit all the state parks in Wisconsin." <more>

Rob Dickerson
Tiny trailer owner Rob Dickerson is from SE Missouri and considers himself a retired Ozarkian, his career with Bass Pro Shops. Last June he bought his tiny trailer, a Rustic Trail Kodiak from Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers, a small, family-owned business in North Carolina. <more>

Mark and Irene Busha
After forty-eight years of marriage, Mark and Irene Busha’s travel itinerary is to do what they like and like what they do. They’ve camped together, traveled to Europe together, camped alone, and traveled to Europe alone. Ah, the comfort and stability of a lifelong relationship! Southeast Michigan is their home, but the world is their backyard. <more>

The Homespun Harros
Yes, I present to you the perfect portrait of Papa Bear! Based in Bend, Oregon, Mark and Kelly Harro are working artists with a flair for the bear--and also proud owners of a teardrop trailer that they built themselves. Two artists living in the beautiful nature of America's West, what was needed was a mobile office, a utility trailer, a home on wheels--in other words, a teardrop trailer. And so they built "Betty," using Pinterest designs and recycled auto parts. <more>

Jo and John Fesler
South Carolina may be the homebase for their travels, but Jo and John Fesler haven't let themselves gather too much SC dust since they've retired. Since 2015 they've taken two trips across the US of about three months each, and have also taken additional trips to Ohio and Tennessee. Their travel rig is a Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers (RTTC) Pappa Bear (RTTC's smallest model), which they pull with a Toyota Sienna van. "We have had no problems towing our camper and we have pulled it over 20,000 miles!" <more>

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