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One of the great joys of writing articles for this blog is to research and profile people who own tiny trailers. Not only are my wife and I inspired by the travels and experience of other tiny trailer owners, we also learn a lot about how to do it right. Some of our travel trepidations are alleviated by learning about how others have hit the camping road, and the tips and hard-earned wisdom we gain by our research make it easier for us to gear up and take off.

Below are links to our profiles, with a bit of information and a photo.

Lee and Lori Gandy
Judging from the photos posted on social media, tiny trailer owners Lee and Lori Gandy have many opportunities to camp in beautiful spots in South Carolina . . . and they are taking full advantage of those opportunities. These two happy campers have owned their Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper for one and a half years. It's a Grizzly model, a bit taller than the Papa Bear teardrop, yet still short enough to fit into a garage. <more>

Ruth and Greg Seubert
With seven years of tiny trailer camping behind them, Ruth and Greg Seubert are a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and great stories. Hailing from central Wisconsin, the Seuberts are in the process of fulfilling our shared camping dreams of good times in nature--specifically for them, to visit "as many national parks as we can. We’d also like to visit all the state parks in Wisconsin." <more>

Rob Dickerson
Tiny trailer owner Rob Dickerson is from SE Missouri and considers himself a retired Ozarkian, his career with Bass Pro Shops. Last June he bought his tiny trailer, a Rustic Trail Kodiak from Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers, a small, family-owned business in North Carolina. <more>

Mark and Irene Busha
After forty-eight years of marriage, Mark and Irene Busha’s travel itinerary is to do what they like and like what they do. They’ve camped together, traveled to Europe together, camped alone, and traveled to Europe alone. Ah, the comfort and stability of a lifelong relationship! Southeast Michigan is their home, but the world is their backyard. <more>

The Homespun Harros
Yes, I present to you the perfect portrait of Papa Bear! Based in Bend, Oregon, Mark and Kelly Harro are working artists with a flair for the bear--and also proud owners of a teardrop trailer that they built themselves. Two artists living in the beautiful nature of America's West, what was needed was a mobile office, a utility trailer, a home on wheels--in other words, a teardrop trailer. And so they built "Betty," using Pinterest designs and recycled auto parts. <more>

Jo and John Fesler
South Carolina may be the homebase for their travels, but Jo and John Fesler haven't let themselves gather too much SC dust since they've retired. Since 2015 they've taken two trips across the US of about three months each, and have also taken additional trips to Ohio and Tennessee. Their travel rig is a Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers (RTTC) Pappa Bear (RTTC's smallest model), which they pull with a Toyota Sienna van. "We have had no problems towing our camper and we have pulled it over 20,000 miles!" <more>

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