My path to tiny trailer camping includes bicycle and tent camping, so the fact that I now camp and own a tiny trailer is in itself a "glamping" experience. Whenever I write about "glamorous camping," I try to define it within the parameters of my own experience.

Glamping, for me, is more a matter of elegance and grace, rather than bling and flash. Glamping is camping with style, and need not be ostentatious. When I've really homed in on my camping needs and desires--and I've found the means to fulfill those needs and desires--then I feel I'm glamping, whether there's anything for anyone else to notice or not.

The articles below are my explorations of the Green Goddess Glamping life. See those three capital G's? Can't get much more glamorous than that!

Boondocking in Iowa--Sorta . . .
Speaking of "sorta," I sorta have a goal to camp at least once a month for all twelve of the months of 2022. January has almost run its course, and I haven't yet camped. I'm not obsessing, though; however, there is a chance I can still camp this January. The weather is better here in SE Iowa these last few days, even though the snow on the ground may stop me from camping because the snow will be too deep in campgrounds to set up. Our local state park has one site cleared, though--a pull-through right next to the campground entrance, a primitive site without hook-ups. <more>

Camping for Health and Wholeness--Finding Your Inner Basecamp
My intellect bypasses the beauty of this hike I'm taking and provides a lesson on natural history. Go figure, but I am a naturally curious person. This long ridge of land was once an inland sea. When the sea receded, over time the sandstone eroded, and out of this shoulder of earth was carved this curving ravine, this green hollow of diverse life that finds this ecological niche most hospitable--ferns and mosses, succulent plants needing more water and shade, trees that grow tall and spindly because they reach to the sky for sufficient light. <more>

Can I Go Winter Camping, Please?
I haven't covered the Green Goddess this winter because I expect--or want, anyway--to try some winter camping. I'm sure I can find the right temperatures; next week, for instance, the temperatures will be in the high teens to the thirties. That's acceptable. <more>

Driving Long Hours--Is It Necessary?
When you are on a road trip, how many hours do you clock per day on the road? Do you begin before dawn? Is your time behind the wheel variable from day to day? Do you establish two destinations, one readily attainable and then a farther one to hit if you are feeling strong? <more>

A Walk on the Quiet Side
Even with high temperatures near 60 degrees and lows above freezing, it was my wife who convinced me to hook up and take off for camping for a couple of nights. It was a great idea, but it was Sunday, and we'd gone for an hour-long hike in our local county park, and then we'd gone out for lunch at a local Indian restaurant . . . and a couple of nights of solo camping sounded good but I was well exercised and fed and coasting into the afternoon. <more>

Nothing Says 3-Day Weekend Like Cool Weather Camping
With a carpet of orange, red, and russet leaves beneath our feet, my wife and I scuff our way along a lakeside path, enjoying the fall weather . . . and it appears that we are not the only happy campers out enjoying fall moments. <more>

What's the Perfect Tiny Trailer Camping Trip?
First off, yes, I know that the "perfect" camping trip isn't possible without being flexible and allowing things to occasionally move in unexpected directions. Given that, my wife and I have reserved ten nights at our favorite spot at a local state park, and I'm going to dream a bit about what will make it perfect. Follow along and dream with me. At some point, I'm sure, your dream will take a left turn and take off on its own. That's the way dreams are. <more>

An RTTC Kodiak to Remember
Inspiration and design are two attributes of a dynamic individual, and I think I've met a tiny trailer owner who is about as dynamic as you can get. Rustic Trails Teardrop Camper owner Lynn Keel was active on the RTTC Facebook groups even before she bought her RTTC Kodiak. She read comments, asked questions, and started at some point jotting down information that would help her provide the RTTC company all the information it would need when its employees began building her rig. <more>

Five Bellringer Tiny (or at Least Small) Trailers
I recently read the online article "Top 5 Best Travel Trailers Under 2,000 lbs" at RVingPlanet, enjoying the article yet finding myself thinking, "I would have compiled a different list." <more>

The "Shakedown" Camping Trip
A tiny trailer owner is looking forward to that long-anticipated trip in her newly purchased tiny camper, gone for at least a month, the tour beginning in the wilds of Michigan. "Are there any tips on this long a journey?" she asks. "This is about double the furthest distance that I ever took my popup, and I will be driving solo. Should I take a few shorter trips first?" <more>

Why Choose a Teardrop or Tiny Trailer?
Why or how to camp in a teardrop or tiny trailer was a recurring writing theme for Green Goddess Glamping  in 2018. And that's not surprising because owners of small campers have a specific view of what constitutes an enjoyable camping experience, a view that is a balance of simplicity and comfort, ease and elegance. The more I write about minimalist camping, the more I realize my somewhat intuitive choice of Green Goddess Glamping for this blog's name was actually insightful and accurate. <more>

How Does Vogue Magazine View Glamping?
We all know of Vogue magazine, the fashion magazine, the one with beautiful, glossy photographs of beautiful people wearing beautiful, expensive clothes. If Vogue publishes an article about glamping, then that will really be the genuine article Glamping with a capital G. <more>

How the Green Goddess Glamps
When I named this blog "Green Goddess Glamping," I did so because the title defined for me what I wanted and needed from a trailer camping experience. Of course, I have my personal definition of glamping that also impacted my decision. <more>

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