I love stories about "that one big trip" taken by campers. These travelogues have a common feature in that they are expeditions taken with tiny trailers. The stories were first researched as "Bears in the Wild" expeditions because I knew more owners of the same builder as the Green Goddess--Rustic Trails Teardrop Campers. However, now that I've entered the "travelogue waters," I'm exciting about researching and writing about as many adventures and about as many different rigs as possible. This page will compile these travelogues just as the Owner Profiles page aggregates articles about happy tiny trailer owners.

Read about adventures to all four corners of the North American continent--as a start!

A Rustic Trails Tiny Trailer Travelin' Man Travelogue, Part 1, Winter (January, February, March)
"D-Day (Departure day) has arrived [January 7, 2022]. All the waiting, planning and preparing are behind us as we leave our good friends Alex and Tavia’s house. Finley ever watchful in the backseat could sense it, that feeling of excitement and trepidation that courses through us as we start a new adventure." <more>

Almost Heaven: a Tiny Trailer 4-Day Fall Photography Trek in West Virginia
Luckily for us, a "very enjoyable four-day 'Fall Color' trip" for retired commercial photographer Ron Snow captures his scenic tour of the mountains of West Virginia . . . with camera gear and home-built tiny trailer. And now we can all sit back and enjoy some gorgeous shots of nature and a great introduction to this area. <more>

Tiny Trailers Are Camping--Here, There, Everywhere!
Slowly and carefully, tiny trailer owners are moving out into the world again. Folks want to camp, but they also don't want to get sick or to spread this COVID;19 virus. But slowly and carefully, folks are venturing out again, towing their little trailers and parking them in beautiful climes. Campers are engaging in a variety of safe, socially distancing activities--bicycling, kayaking, hiking, or just plain relaxing around camp. <more>

Jeeps and Tiny Trailers--of Course!
I've discovered that a mechanical "symbiosis" exists in the camping community--that of Jeeps and tiny trailers. And, for me, researching this newfound topic resulted in a lot of camping eye candy. Even though I have been researching and writing articles for this blog about tiny trailer camping, I didn't put two and two together until just now that there's this Jeep/teardrop connection. <more>

Enchanted Trails Sojourn
It's funny how articles come into being, how I am motivated to write on a particular subject. This post was inspired by the above photograph. I've been holding back this image for about seven months, waiting for the right moment to write an article--waiting for the right angle. <more>

Early Airstream Worldwide Expeditions: Vintage Photos
What are the best words for that tiny trailer look that captures the spirit and history of tiny travel trailer adventures? Retro? Classic? VintageTeardrop? Whatever word works for you, there is a mystique that surrounds some travel trailer designs, especially single-axle designs that in some way capture that taste of the past--dusty roads, classic cars, and historical views of iconic landscapes. One more descriptive word should be added to describe classic travel trailer adventures: Airstream! <more>

Love at First Sight: a Tale of a New Trailer Pick-up in Canada during a January Snowstorm and Then the Epic Trip South
Our friends told us we were crazy. Family members were worried for our safety. Safari Condo doubted we'd do it. <more>

Disneyland and the Tiny Trailer as a "Bed on Wheels"
Sometimes we camp to commune with nature, and sometimes we just want our "bed on wheels" for the night, even if it's parked deep in the roar of the city. Karen and Louis Valentino took their Hiker Trailer into the hubbub of Southern California's Disneyland country, and even though their hiking was on pavement and cement, at the end of each adventurous day, they were still able to spend their night in their familiar bed, snug in their tiny trailer. <more>

Canadian Snow Camping with a Teardrop
When snow is a fact of winter life, you either make it part of your play, hunker down for months indoors, or head south. For Dee Murray and Chris Jordan of Alberta, Canada, they chose to take their tiny trailer out and play in the snow. <more>

Camping Local: Discovering Your Big Backyard
If you live in paradise and then take a long road trip, are you leaving paradise? The question, of course, is a bit too clever and not really fair. "Paradise" isn't just one place and isn't the same for all campers. There are even many who would argue that "paradise" really isn't a place but rather a state of mind. <more>

Wisconsin Fall Camping, Leaves Falling on Snow
There is a progression to fall camping, just as there is a progression when the trees begin to turn color, faint flashes of reds and golds among the green, then deeper umbers and finally snow and the monochrome of winter. <more>

Cold Weather Dash to the Badlands
It was the changing weather and the beautiful photographs posted by John D. Pappas on the Facebook group Rustic Trail Teardrops Camper Owners Group that made me decide to write this travelogue. It occured during cold weather, and it also was a destination journey--a quick trip from New Jersey to western South Dakota to visit his son that included a few sight-seeing stops. <more>

West Coast Camping Extravaganza: Karen and Louis Valentino's Tiny Trailer Travelogue
How do you define a "Camping Extravaganza"? How about forty-five days of travel, 5,000 miles from mid-June to the end of July, a tiny trailer tour of the Western United States--California, Oregon, and Washington, up the coast and then down the interior? <more>

From the Canadian to the Mexican Borders: Doug Pollard's Tiny Trailer Adventure
"I met people from all over the world. What an adventure!" How else can you describe a five-month journey of over 13,000 miles that spans twenty-one states from the Canadian to the Mexicans borders--and is boondocking throughout? Definitely, "What an adventure!" <more>

Off to the Maritimes: Mary Larson and Her Tiny Trailer Grand Adventure
Of all the possible trips Mary could take, why did she choose the Maritimes? "In all honesty, I’m a transplant to Central Virginia from the Upper Midwest, and I hate the beastly hot summers here. I always either head to the Blue Ridge or I head north. I’ve been to Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia but had never done it in my camper." The big draw for this particular trip was to head to Newfoundland to see icebergs. "Everything else was just a wonderful part of a wonderful journey." <more>

How Ruben Rolls: the 8,000-Mile Tiny Trailer "Maiden Voyage"
"I have wanted a travel trailer for a while, and I was considering a larger Winnebago Micro Minnie or something like an R-Pod.  I even visited a couple dealers but dreaded another monthly payment. The RTTC Grizzly was the perfect answer. What was going to be my down payment would just about pay for the whole trailer." <more>

Pacific Coast Tiny Trailer Meander with Nancy Rushefsky
One woman.  One dog.  One tiny camper . . . together for six thousand miles. The result? "My confidence restored!" says the woman. In late summer in 2018, Texas resident Nancy Rushefsky took off for a 6,000-mile jaunt with her dog Mayla and her Rustic Trail Teardrop Papa Bear camper, gone for five and a half weeks for an epic solo journey. <more>

Tiny Trailer Travels West with Bob and Dian Teschke
Last year in June of 2018, Bob and Dian took an "epic cross country trip," in their words. It wasn't their first time across the country because in 2002 they had driven from California to Ohio in two cars with their young sons and three dogs, staying in motels as they moved. Think forward to last year, sixteen years later, just the two of them traveling in one car: "no kids, our dog Zoey, and bringing our bed with us in the form of a teardrop." <more>

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