Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Sun and Blue Skies for the Sunray Classic Model 149 Retro Travel Trailer

2021 Sunray 149 Classic
That classic little travel trailer look . . . that classic retro trailer floorplan--bed in back, dinette/sleeper in the front, and kitchen/bathroom in the middle. I've known that look and style since the 1960s when my parents owned a little Terry trailer, and I saw it again during a recent camping trip. What a lightweight, efficient, classic (and classy) way to camp!

Bought at Garrett Camper Sales, Auburn, Indiana
Tom and Kristen Flowers, along with their tall teenaged son, Barrett, were camped at Wapsipinicon State Park in NE Iowa, near Anamosa, visiting friends. They were down (and over) from Indiana on their second trip with their Sunray 149 Classic, a purchase they'd specifically made after a lot of research. They'd wanted something economical and small that they could tow with their SUV.

Because it was only Tom and Kristen's second trip with their Sunray, it was great to experience their joy and enthusiasm as they settled in at their campsite. After introducing myself (I barged right in because I love the retro camper look) and answering a few questions, we spent some time sharing our passion for camping with little trailers, how the expand the camping season and in many ways simplify the camping experience.

The Flowers are very happy with their new Sunray. "We fell in love with it. It had all that we needed to be self contained. We ordered in February and reserved our first campsites in a primitive setting in the upper penensula Michigan Tahquamenon Falls State Park. It arrived one day before we were to leave the second week of June."

The Sunray 149 has a total dry weight of 2,140 pounds, a gross weight of 3,500 pounds, and a hitch weight of 245 pounds. It's length is 16 feet two inches. The trailer's exterior height (including ac) is 8'3", and its exterior width is 7'1".

Because their first camping trip would be at a primitive campground, the Flowers purchased a 100-watt solar panel kit from Harbor Freight, which Tom reported worked great. "We had power and privacy and would highly recommend the falls as a destination. We stayed in the Rivermouth Campgrounds near the lake., which is very close (11 miles) to the lighthouse and museum in Whitefish."

The Flowers have added a roof rack, an ARB awning, and kayak mounts to the trailer, making it more versatile to meet their needs. They have a bicycle rack on order that they plan to mount to the front of the trailer. Kristen says that they still haven't figured out exactly what they need for camping--and where it should go. Tom has a lifetime of tent-camping experience to draw from, so they plan for their next trip to be close to home at a state park, where their emphasis will be to fine tune their packing and organizing. 

After that? They'd like to eventually head out West on a cross country trip. Wherever they travel, they will be sure to travel in style--classic style.

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