Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tiny Trailer Owner Profile: the Homespun Harros

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Yes, I present to you the perfect portrait of Papa Bear! Based in Bend, Oregon, Mark and Kelly Harro are working artists with a flair for the bear--and also proud owners of a teardrop trailer that they built themselves.

The glamping tradition (Photos by Kelly and Mark Harro/Homespun Harros)

Two artists living in the beautiful nature of America's West, what was needed was a mobile office, a utility trailer, a home on wheels--in other words, a teardrop trailer. And so they built "Betty," using Pinterest designs and recycled auto parts. 

This labor of love was built on a utility trailer the Harros already owned, and was a fulfilling project, although it was not easy. Mark said he lost a lot of hair during the process! A full chronicle of the building of "Betty" is at DoItYourselfRV, "Montana Artists Build Teardrop Trailer Using Wrecked Auto Parts." It's a thorough article and includes more great photographs.

For those of you who would like to hear the Harros tell their story, below is a great YouTube video of their journey (6:55 minutes).

The Harros on their Etsy website have a number or fun and beautiful art products to brighten up your home, tiny trailer, or for gifts for family and friends. Below is something a grandparent would just love to give to start a grandchild off right!

Red Black Bear with Fedora Hat Organic Onesie Baby Clothes Screen Print Gift

The teardrop galley was the most difficult and time-consuming part of construction for the Harros. In this photo, notice the dish towel has a print from their art collection. The curtains utilize Papa Bear. From top to bottom, this teardrop is a product of the Harros' creative lives. "Betty" is truly a work of art, all by herself.

Homespun Harros

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