Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It's Not Just How Many Miles or Places

The same road, the same campground, the same campsite. Are we boring glampers? My wife and I hitched up our new trailer and spent four nights at the same location as our last trip, Lake Sugema in SE Iowa. We've researched several other campgrounds within an hour of our home, but we decided that close by and familiar was good for us this time, just like the last time. Now that our trip is done, we realize there are some real positives to camping at the same place:
  • Less stress and a more relaxing time
  • Exploring more thoroughly the local activities
This trip was easier than the first. Our bed is a better setup with the new mattress foam and the wool pad that covers it. Our cooking was more efficient and varied--and closer to what we eat at home, so we felr better. We bought several new items to help us camp: a camp ax, a somewhat smaller portable table (so it fits beneath the bed), a wheel lock for added security, and a windshield sun block cover for the car. We also stayed a day longer this time, four nights instead of three. I found my attention this trip was not just on the necessities of adjusting to the new environment, essentials such as how does the shower work at this campground? or how far away is the water?

Lake Sugema is beautiful, and being so close to home, learning more about the environment here is really learning about nature in my hometown. For this trip I brought my tree identification book and spent time identifying different varieties of oaks, identifying one tree as a bur oak; however, I've found that tree identification isn't as easy as I thought it would be, especially for sub-varieties. For instance, I had trouble determining southern red oak from northern red oak or scarlet oak; the acorns are different in size, the shape of the cup, and in coloration. I guess I've got a lot to learn . . . but taking the time to learn more about nature around me is interesting. I also took photos and sketched and colored some illustrations of leaves and plants in my Green Goddess Adventures daybook.

Camping at a favorite spot is kind of like people who own cabins. They don't move those cabins around. They arrive, stay awhile and enjoy themselves and the beauty around them. We are doing that with our tiny trailer. Sure, we'll visit new places, but this time we repeating our visit. It's a beautiful site, the temperatures were in the 70's to low 80's, a mild breeze off the lake. We hiked the trails a bit more this time.

A book to read, a blog to write, trees to identify and appreciate, moments to share I enjoyed this trip. I've seen some new sights, and maybe seen some old ones with new eyes. Thanks, Lake Sugema, for reminding me to stop and smell the goldenrod.

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