During a four-day tour in SE Iowa, Oakland Mills

I've been a bicycling fan for many years, as a commuter, day rider, and on bicycle tours. In 2013, I established a blog, Tom Kepler Bicycling, but have found that managing the blog along with my writing blog, Tom Kepler Writing, and this blog, Green Goddess Glamping, is just too much management. Therefore, I've moved essential blog posts from the bicycling blog to this blog. Eventually I will take TKB offline.

This makes sense because I feel in the future, much of my bicycling will be connected to my tiny trailer camping. I see myself using the trailer as a campground basecamp for rides in whatever area I'm camping. I still imagine I'll do overnight and multi-day bike-camping tours, but I can still write about my tours in relation to my greater bicycling experiences. The same goes for touring.

Below are the bicycling articles published on this page, including more recent posts about the tiny trailer as a bicycle basecamp.

Rathbun Lake: Bicycles and Tiny Trailer Basecamp
Two weeks of camping at one site--it seemed like a good idea to take my bicycle for exploring . . . and it was! After four days of rain and a lot of hunkering down, it was time to explore the area around Buck Creek Campground, taking my bicycle, which always provides a more personal connection with the environment than by car. <more>

Montague Navigator Folding Bicycle, Burley Travoy Commuting Trailer, and Amtrak
Last April, 2013, I was planning to take Amtrak with my Navigator and Travoy out to see my parents. I chronicled my hopes in an April 21 post. Then I had to suddenly leave by airplane and stay six months. Now I'm ready to try again. Writing this on a Friday, I will be on the train Sunday, January 19. (Article updated at the end, describing my--and the bike's--journey.) <more>

An Enjoyable Ride to the Top of Table Mountain
North of Oroville, California, are the north and south Table Mountains--and on a Sunday morning, October 20, I finally rode to the top of the north mesa. The photo at the right is a view from Oroville of the south table with the north behind it. <more>

Raleigh Detour 2.5 Bicycle Review
"Probably the best buy for a light touring bike," said my local bike shop guy in southeast Iowa, "is the Raleigh 2.5 Detour." A touring bike for $350? <more>

Day Rides in Oroville, California . . . I'm Still Rollin'
The best decision I've  made in a long time is that once I realized I'll be spending about six months caring for my parents and brother, I chose to buy a bicycle. I made that decision about two months into my California stay, and I thank my wife for endorsing and encouraging me to action on my desire. <more>

The Montague Navigator Folding Bicycle, Amtrak, and a Burley Travoy Trailer: more information
In January I bought a Burley Travoy trailer for commuting and bicycle touring, detailed in my Jan. 15 blog post. (Addendum: just found out the trailer now comes in yellow.) In February I bought a Montague Navigator full-size folding bike to use on Amtrak, detailed in my Feb. 5 blog post. <more>

Bicycle Touring on a 1977 Huffy One-Speed
Jeff Teel got into bicycle touring by adding some baskets to his 1977 one-speed Huffy (distributed as an Open Road model by Montgomery Ward). The baskets were for transporting veggies. <more>

Ride 160 Miles and Earn a New Bike: the Montague Navigator and the Burley Travoy
My plan is to ride my bike more this year, to use the bike as both a commuting and a recreational vehicle. It galled me to think that I had to throw that resolution out the door in order to visit my parents and brother who live in California 2,000 miles away. My solution is the title of this post, "Ride 160 Miles and Earn a New Bike. <more>

Burley Travoy Bike Trailer: A January Test Run
Yesterday it was in the 50s in Iowa, warm and a little windy. I needed to buy groceries and decided to try out my new Burley Travoy commuter bicycle trailer. After all, soon it will be highs in the 20s again. <more>

Miles From Nowhere: Book Review
Miles from Nowhere, by Barbara Savage is one of the greatest bicycle travel journals or travelogues ever written. Published by The Mountaineers, a non-profit outdoor activity and conservation club founded in 1906, every year the organization, in cooperation with Larry Savage, awards The Barbara Savage/Miles from Nowhere Memorial Award to "an unpublished nonfiction manuscript that presents a compelling account of a personal journey of discovery undertaken in an outdoor arena." <more>

Bike Touring Basics: a book review
World bicycle travelers and authors of Bike Touring Basics, Friedel and Andrew Grant, describe their book in the introduction as "a compact and inspiring introduction to the world of bike touring, from the planning stage through to the equipment you might need to get started." <more>

What Would Fairfield, Iowa, Be Without A.J.'s Bike Shop?
I'd say my son was about nine or ten when my wife and I decided to buy him a new bicycle. Having out-grown his one-speed smaller bike, he was ready for a shifting bike. We went to A.J.'s Bike Shop in our town of Fairfield, Iowa. At that time, A.J.'s was on 4th Street in a small garage-like extension of an big house instead of his current location just off the town square. <more>

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