Monday, July 8, 2019

Bears in the Wild: RTTC Tiny Trailer Travelogues

The Green Goddess, a Polar Bear tiny trailer, in her natural habitat

It always great to meet up with friends, with people who have something in common. "Bears in the Wild" is a series of articles featuring a single, epic trip by owners of the same brand of camper I have. I own a Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers Polar Bear, the "standy" version of the RTTC line-up. Along the way, I've met some great RTTC owners--and quite a few are taking off on grand adventures.

"Bears in the Wild" articles are travelogues of the adventures of RTTC owners, focusing not on the owner but on the expedition--a trip down the Oregon coast, a jaunt up to Canada--a single jaunt, maybe for a month or a week or a weekend. Just as it's one thing to interact with nature in a zoo or botanical garden, it's quite another to be out in the wild and have a deer . . . or a bear come into view. The tiny trailer Bears in these travelogues are beautiful to experience in their natural habitat, out on the road or tucked away in a beautiful camp setting.

So go ahead and enjoy these migrations, these snapshots of Bears in the Wild. They are the first of many travelogues. If you are interested in all the travelogue articles, featuring any and all kinds of tiny trailers, stay tuned for a future Tiny Trailer Travelogues page. Mountains and rivers without end . . . and beautiful tiny trailers like flowers in the forest.

Below are links to our "Bears in the Wild" travelogues, with a bit of information and a photo.

Off to the Maritimes: Mary Larson and Her Grand Adventure
Of all the possible trips Mary could take, why did she choose the Maritimes? "In all honesty, I’m a transplant to Central Virginia from the Upper Midwest, and I hate the beastly hot summers here. I always either head to the Blue Ridge or I head north. I’ve been to Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia (one of my favorite places on the planet) but had never done it in my camper." The big draw for this particular trip was to head to Newfoundland to see icebergs. "Everything else was just a wonderful part of a wonderful journey." <more>

How Ruben Rolls: the 8,000-Mile Tiny Trailer "Maiden Voyage"
"I have wanted a travel trailer for a while, and I was considering a larger Winnebago Micro Minnie or something like an R-Pod.  I even visited a couple dealers but dreaded another monthly payment. The RTTC Grizzly was the perfect answer. What was going to be my down payment would just about pay for the whole trailer." <more>

Pacific Coast Tiny Trailer Meander with Nancy Rushefsky
One woman.  One dog.  One tiny camper . . . together for six thousand miles. The result? "My confidence restored!" says the woman. In late summer in 2018, Texas resident Nancy Rushefsky took off for a 6,000-mile jaunt with her dog Mayla and her Rustic Trail Teardrop Papa Bear camper, gone for five and a half weeks for an epic solo journey. <more>

Tiny Trailer Travels West with Bob and Dian Teschke
Last year in June of 2018, Bob and Dian took an "epic cross country trip," in their words. It wasn't their first time across the country because in 2002 they had driven from California to Ohio in two cars with their young sons and three dogs, staying in motels as they moved--one of those epic migrations most folks have endured at least once if they've accumulated enough years. Think forward to last year, sixteen years later, just the two of them traveling in one car: "no kids, our dog Zoey, and bringing our bed with us in the form of a teardrop." <more>

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