Monday, August 19, 2019

An RTTC Kodiak to Remember

"Beautiful sunny and breezy morning here on The Outer Banks. Nice difference from what greeted us yesterday when Cape Hatteras lived up to its reputation with last night’s violent storm. But the Kodiak held up like a champ! Guess I’ll keep her lol! — at Cape Hatteras National Seashore."
Inspiration and design are two attributes of a dynamic individual, and I think I've met a tiny trailer owner who is about as dynamic as you can get. Rustic Trails Teardrop Camper owner Lynn Keel was active on the RTTC Facebook groups even before she bought her RTTC Kodiak trailer. She read comments, asked clarifying questions, and started at some point jotting down information that would help her provide the RTTC company all the information it would need when its employees began building her rig.

Now she owns her Kodiak, and keeping with Lynn's dynamic approach to tiny trailer camping, she has systematically continued to improve and personalize her little home away from home. Let's let Lynn speak about how her little home-on-wheels project is progressing.
"Completed Phase Three of camper optimization project. (Note: The first phase was insulating the cabin and installing the initial air conditioner air flow improvements. Phase Two involved enhancing trailer stability via permanent stabilizers in the front of the trailer)." [See article "How to Weatherize Your RTTC Camper"]
Before checking out photos of Lynn's inside beautification of her Kodiak, below is a photo of the stock interior. It's a nice, neat and clean look, but lacking the "Home Sweet Home" touches that only a proud owner can give.

Factory stock interior

Lynn's Phase Three Objectives
  1. "Continued improvement to air circulation by adding low voltage USB-powered fans to the rear of the camper."
  2. "Bed optimization, allowing for the set up and take down in less than 30 seconds."
  3. "Installing redesigned seat cushions with back support that have a dual purpose of serving as part of the bed mattress setup. There is also an additional benefit of no longer having to store cushions at night, which equals more available space in the cabin."
  4. "Keeping the Lagun table up whether in eating / working mode or when shifting to the bed conversion. Again, saving storage space."
  5. "Mounting a shelf on the rear wall for fans, storing eyewear, phones, books, etc., at night.
The above is a long list, involving three weeks of designing, construction and installation work, which finally led to Lynn's trailer looking so spiffy. She thought up all the modifications during a recent camping trip. Now Lynn wants the photos to do the talking.

USB-port electric fans. The USB plug-ins were added by the factory builders at buyer's request.

The sleep-ready bed, the table swiveled out of the way, the seat cushions folded out.

Custom seat cushions, the back cushion folds down as part of the mattress.

Lagun table, the camper set up as a work station.

Rear shelf--the "Open House" display.

It's no surprise that Lynn is "very happy with the results," saying she's now "setting my sights on Phase Four. Let the 'tweaks' continue lol."

Even if you don't own an RTTC trailer, it's a joy to see how a little TLC can elevate a functional design into a work of art. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Lynn's Phase Four brings!

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  1. Hi, Lynn,
    I think the change of cushions on the storage boxes is even a better idea than sliced bread! Will you share where you got the cushions with built-in back rests? I love our Rustic Trails Teardrop Polar Bear, and this is a super idea. After a 5,000+ mile trip from TN to CA and back, making the bed was one thing I wanted to improve.

    1. You can contact Lynn via the Rustic Trail Teardrops and Friends group on FB. :)