Friday, February 15, 2019

Tiny Art of Teardrop Trailers: Jim Cook

Jim Cook, self-portrait

We own what we love and love what we own. That's the saying, anyway. We tiny trailer owners can also truly say the trailers we own give us lots of love and joy right back at us. And there are a few special teardrop owners who paint radiant, colorful pictures of their lovely trailers. RTTC Grizzly owner Jim Cook is one of those artists who spreads the joy with his palate of vivid color.

Last year while camping, I put on my "naturalist" hat and drew a few sketches of plants and trees. I tried my hand at drawing leaves and such, and the results were just recognizable enough for me to have a true appreciation of those folks who can actually paint and draw with skill. I love the vivid colors Jim Cook chooses, and I love the freedom and openness of his brush strokes. They remind me of why I camp--to leave behind the strictures of routine and to explore. Jim's use of color and how he boldly applies color . . . well, just looking at his paintings is liberating.

Jim Cook, artist

"This painting was inspired by David Hammer and his MINI Cooper. Yes, he pulls a Grizzly with a MINI Cooper. I was trying to encourage the members of our Facebook site to post more pictures in 2017 in order to increase interest and membership. One week in late 2017, it was David's photo that was selected by our judges (the Sechrist family)."

Jim Cook, artist

"The Southern Christmas one was a bit of a fantasy card," says Jim. "I lived most of my adult life up in northern Vermont and would dream of a real 'white Christmas' with white sand and palm trees. Now, I live down south and get to enjoy much warmer weather. We normally camp over New Years along the SC coast."

Jim paints using acrylic paints, and the paintings featured in this article are painted on card stock, so they are the size of greeting cards. He says, "My hope is to one day be able to bring my paints and some card stock when on the road camping, be able to paint, and store and sell my paintings without taking up a lot of room.  I figure most people desire to have greeting cards to buy, but maybe they want something a little different like a hand painted greeting card.  I sell them for five or six dollars apiece.  No, I will never get rich painting them, but they allow me to play around with the paint, make a little money, and not have to have a huge amount of space for canvas and finished inventory."

Jim and his wife Annette own a Grizzly and have several major camping excursions planned for 2019, including Florida, South Carolina, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.  "I am sure you have figured out by now that I am a huge fan of the RTTC brand.  I work hard to promote the brand any chance I get."

Jim at RTTC headquarters with his Grizzly Bear (and friends)

Jim's enthusiasm and energy for promoting the RTTC tiny trailer brand has been so effective that his relationship with the builder has been formalized by RTTC in January.
We would like to announce that Jim Cook has become our RTTC Am"BEAR"sador. Jim will be taking over all Facebook questions, phone calls when show room isn't open, heading up "bear-a-vans" and other gatherings across the USA. We are so thankful for all that Jim has done for RTTC so far. Thank you, Jim Cook, and look forward to even more exciting things to come. 
ALSO, March 30th, 2019 (Saturday), we will be having a customer appreciation day to welcome aboard Jim Cook, at RTTC headquarters in Pilot Mountain, NC. We will be providing food and door prizes. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Wonder why people tiny trailer camp? This painting answers the question.

And so we fittingly end this article with sand in our shoes and a song in our heart. I'd love to have this greeting card right now to lessen the chill of the -19 degree weather moaning its arctic dirge outside. A little art to soften the arctic . . . or something like that. Thanks, Jim, for sending a little sunshine our way.

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