Friday, June 21, 2019

Milestone: 10 Tiny Trailer Owner Profiles for Your Pleasure

Mark Busha's Prolite in the American Southwest

Tiny trailer owner profiles are among the most favorite articles for Green Goddess Glamping's readership and also for the writer of the articles--namely, me. It's a great joy to discover what tiny trailer owners and campers have in common and what unique camping practices also exist out there. The enthusiasm that readers have displayed regarding the profiles led me to establishing a page beneath Green Goddess Glamping's header, Owner Profiles, where the profiles are aggregated and easy to find with titles, links, and thumbnail photos and lead sentences.

Cass Beach and her Airstream Basecamp

Becky Shade and her Hiker Trailer

Jo and John Fesler with their RTTC Papa Bear

Really, it's such a pleasure to look at all the great rigs in all those great places--mountains and desert, ocean and plains. This article is just a reminder of all the great articles to read. I'm looking forward to finding and interviewing even more interesting and diverse tiny trailer owners in the next ten profiles. To be honest, in these first ten I was trying to both establish the format and style of these profiles and also to convince tiny trailer owners to be interviewed for an article. At the beginning, I started with owners that I already had connected with online, several having trailers made by the same builder as mine. Now with ten owner articles written, it's much easier to convey what the content will look like. Green Goddess Glamping has established its credibility as a tiny trailer and camping resource for pleasure and information. Below are a few observation about the ten owner profiles that have been written.


Analyzing the homebase locations of the ten tiny trailer owners profiles, there were a few surprises. I didn't realize that four are from the Midwest: two from the upper Midwest, Michigan and Wisconsin; and two to the south, Iowa and Missouri (and perhaps I should call that three because one profile included two sisters from Iowa who roll in separate teardrops). Two profiles are about owners based in South Carolina; one profile is on an Oregon artist couple who made their own teardrop. Two articles profile women who live full-time in their tiny trailers, whom I place in an "itinerant" category (or as one person said in a comment to a recent blog post, "Houseless but not homeless.") Finally, I also had the pleasure of profiling a couple who live in Canada, just outside Banff National Park AB. Right now, I'm hoping to convince some folks in South America to see if we can write a profile of another homemade teardrop. Photos of Patagonia, anyone?

Jennifer Tipping shared many beautiful moments with her photographs

One of the Traveling Teardrop Sisters, Betty Hanscum enjoying a fall season theme with her T@G

Campfire cooking is a common pastime, here with the Seuberts and their TC Teardrop

Tiny Trailer Brands

Because I own a Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper (RTTC) brand, and because there are several RTTC Facebook groups, many of my online connections are related to that brand. Much of my owner profile search, therefore, has been to make contacts outside of the trailer brand I own in order to increase variety. I've been somewhat successful. I'll list the rigs owned in the ten profiles I've written so far. I've added the T@B because Jennifer Tipping and Scott Jevons have recently switched rigs from their Little Guy. I also added the Casita because Becky Schade had recently purchased her Hiker Trailer at the time of the profile. Many of the articles on her website include the Casita. I have considered that sometime in the future I might write a series of builder profiles. However, there are so many, I'm not sure how I'd go about selecting--being fair while choosing a few and excluding the many. That might be a winter project.

Rob Dickerson's RTTC Kodiak displaying some custom vinyl

Tiny trailer (RTTC Grizzly), bicycles, canoe: the Gandys fully interact with their camping world

The Harros, epitomizing the teardrop tradition with their retro homemade tiny trailer

In the end, even though I've tried for diversity and uniqueness in each tiny trailer owner profile, what actually comes across in the profiles are the common features that unify the owners--and connect them to us as tiny trailer owners. Tiny trailer owners love the outdoors, they love to travel, and they have a positive regard for their place in the world. They share a passion for living and camping small, believing that being in nature has a rejuvenative effect upon the individual.

Tiny trailer owners are enthusiastic about their gadgets, their camping hobbies, and how they roll. They are eager to share and learn. They like to help. I've discovered these traits in tiny trailer owners, which is the focus of the Green Goddess Glamping blog, but these traits are also common among the many other campers and RVers I've interacted with as an RVer and blog administrator. Perhaps that's one of the main benefits of camping in the great outdoors: we discover how beautiful our world is and that people are actually pretty doggone nice. I'm really looking forward to writing my next ten tiny trailer owner profiles.

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