Friday, July 3, 2020

Hot and Humid Camping Plans--Am I Crazy?

Jefferson County Park, Iowa, May 2019

The weather forecasts are predicting excessive heat and humidity for the next couple of weeks. I should not go camping. I should stay at home and hike in the mornings at our local county park, which is only four miles from home. That's what my wife and I did this morning.

Lake Darling, 2019

I had planned on camping four nights at Lake Darling State Park, which is only seventeen miles away. Had a site reservation and everything. After my walk this morning, I decided, though, to camp instead at Jefferson County Park campground, which will be much closer to home if the ninety degree heat and humidity become too unbearable. I've cancelled the state park reservation and will drive Monday to the county park, which operates on the walk-in system, and find a slot.

Jefferson County Park was beautiful on the walk--very green from all the rains, and the insects weren't too bad. Since this is the 4th of July weekend, about half the campground's sites were filled already at this mid-Friday morning. I'm hoping that most campers will be gone by Monday. I'll drive over Monday morning to check and see. I can always start camping on Tuesday if necessary.

Here are three articles based on my experience of camping in the heat.
I plan to enjoy the weekend here at home, and then it's off for my first trip at JCP!

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