Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Even Though We Have an Airstream on Order, Our RTTC Polar Bear Standy, the Green Goddess, Is Still Glam

An odd thing happened to my wife and me after we completed our order (with a six-month wait) for an Airstream Basecamp. With just small mentions that we've a new trailer on order, people started expressing an interest in buying our tiny trailer. We even had a woman come and knock on our door, out of the blue, asking about our trailer. I don't think it's going to be hard to sell the Green Goddess.

Yesterday Sandy said, "We're not getting rid of our trailer until we have our new one in hand or on its way." The conversation was about how, even though our standy is a touch too small for long-term camping, what with Sandy's business and all, it was still a comfortable and enjoyable unit which makes it easy to get out and camp safely. We're not giving that up until it's certain that we have our new unit. Then we can sell the Green Goddess to someone who can continue the tradition of lovely, simple camping, easy towing, all with an inexpensive investment.

Right now as I write this, I'm camping at Lake Rathbun in SE Iowa, at Buck Creek Campground. It's shaded and the blue lake is just down the hill from my site. I can look out my window and see the rippling water. The early morning is cool; it's quiet with sun just beginning to light the campground. The heat wave has ended--or at least paused. I slept the night with the windows and screen door open, without the air conditioner on. Truth be told, our Polar Bear is a great little camper and we'll miss it.

The Airstream Basecamp, of course, is also a great little camper, even though it's bigger than our tiny trailer. We will adapt to the greater luxury, and the Basecamp is still small enough and constructed so that we will be able to get anywhere with the Basecamp that we can get with our standy. Both units have fifteen-inch tires, so both have some good clearance. Our Basecamp will be only sixteen feet long, so I'll still pull it with our Nissan Pathfinder.

I'm not lamenting the end of our Green Goddess era, but I am cherishing all the great experiences we've had while owning it. And we have the rest of this summer and the entire fall to enjoy the trailer. Then comes winter, snow and ice, and at least for us, an end to the camping season. And next spring, new adventures in our new camper . . . or is it really a spaceship?

Anyone thinking of buying the Green Goddess? You'll probably have to get in line, but drop us a line. There's something about the simplicity of these tiny campers, these "hard-sided tents," that just makes the camping experience unintimidating. We've never felt safer than when traveling with our tiny camper--we are mobile social distancing personified.

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  1. Will you change the name of your blog? That might not be an easy thing to do. Keep us posted!

    1. Nope, same name. On my blog page I'll change the "Meet the Green Goddess" sidebar information and describe my first tiny trailer. Then I'll use new and old headers of both the new trailer and the Green Goddess.