Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Green Goddess Camps Again!

Arrival--a hazy, humid evening.

"We're just going to head out and deal with the weather!"

Famous last words--because there was a lot of weather to deal with.

Sunday, Late Afternoon

First, the day of our departure was hot and very humid, so the big question was whether we were going to camp or were heading to a spa for a sauna. Wanting to start the trip on a positive note, I started the car up and let the air conditioner do its magic before my wife and I got into the car. That made the twenty-five mile trip to Lacey-Keosauqua State Park a pleasure. We arrived at a little past six, the back-in to our spot was easy, and the site was so level that we didn't even unhook. We figured we'd do that and the put up of our Clam Quick Set shelter in the morning. Keeping the coronavirus epidemic in mind, first I sanitized the electric plug-in and water faucet. Then we put up was our utilitent and toilet so we could be independent of the communal camp bathroom/shower area. I did this while my wife sanitized the camp picnic table.

Ready for the night.

It was a hot, humid night, one of those nights where the air conditioning isn't quite the answer, using the AC as a fan wasn't right, and our little electric fan was just a touch too loud. We went with the slightly-too-loud fan and slept as best we could through the night. Toward dawn the rain came, and we had to close the camper door and shut up the window on my side to keep out the rain. Luckily, our roof vent hood works well, so we had air flow.

Monday Morning

With camp minimally set up, our second move was for my wife to head home to work all day instead of us throwing up the Clam and having her work at camp. Rain was scheduled, and we felt the better decision was for her to work efficiently at home and then to drive back to camp either in the evening or the next morning. One of the benefits of camping close to home!

Afternoon sun, cool and low humidity. Wonderful!

Now here I am at camp alone--with plenty of food, our cozy and dry tiny trailer, and my computer for writing. I've also brought two books, so I intend to take it easy today. Maybe I'll take a bit of a walk if the rain holds off. It's a grey, cloudy day, cool enough to be comfortable even though the humidity is still high. The day feels exactly like it is: moist and ready to rain, but it hasn't quite broken loose yet.

The Green Goddess basking in the sun

And rain it did, all afternoon, so I napped, read, and wrote inside, dry and comfortable. I  practiced my Transcendental Meditation technique early because it was supposed to clear in the early evening, and sure enough, it did! It was like the world was reborn--cool and clear, the humidity low, and the sun mellow in the western sky. My wife Sandy is working late at home and will be back the tomorrow morning, so I'm going to walk around a bit to get some exercise and probably take a few photos. Enjoy the moment! Off the electronics and off for a walk!

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