Friday, June 26, 2020

Home Safe and Sound

I've been reading online articles on how to camp safely during this COVID-19 virus, and our goal on our recent camping trip was to find a way to have a comfortable and safe outing. I think we were successful, and my wife and I feel more confident now in heading out again.

Here are the things we did to establish a safe camping experience.
  1. Camping close to home. By camping nearby, twenty-five miles from home, we were able to localize whatever coronavirus dangers were out there. Health advice says this is safer for both us and for rural communities.
  2. Our tiny trailer provided a safe haven for our camping. It increased our self-sufficiency. Humidity, rain, and insects were all easier to cope with because of our little trailer.
  3. Our Green Elephant utilitent, Cleanwaste portable toilet, and first-time-used Iron Hammer shower pump allowed us to stay away from the public facility. (I've only used the camp shower twice, once at home and once at camp, so I'm not endorsing the product yet.)
In terms of the campground experience, the hosts were less interactive than in other years. In fact, we never talked to them. The reservation tag was posted when we showed up, and that was it. The children's playground was posted with a notice that playing there was not advised, and to proceed at your own risk. The toilet/shower facility also had a sign just stating to be sure to follow CDC guidelines when using the facility. That was it! My wife and I chose to maintain higher levels of distancing behavior. We just kept to ourselves.

Our trip quit a day early to beat the heat. It included a trip home one afternoon for some time with the grandkids. (We're getting in as much time as possible with them because the start of the school year is a real wildcard.) Sandy and I had some quality time together out of the house, which was a nice reprieve from cabin fever.

I know many of you are already out and camping, but this experience for my wife and me was new. My wife works her business at home. I'm retired and have spent most of the spring in our garden (which is doing great, by the way). For the last couple of months, my wife and I have been redefining our lives; COVID-19 is not going to magically disappear. We have no evidence that it will, anyway. We're carefully adjusting our lives to the new times, and it's great to know that camping is something we can keep in our lives.

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