Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Camping Trip as Sweet as Honey

The Green Goddess leaning into the wind at Space 124

It is windy today at Lake Rathbun and Honey Creek Campground. After two nights of camping among the trees, I've moved today to the end of the South Campground loop onto the peninsula that provides a beautiful view of the lake. Spectacular . . . but windy without the shelter of the trees.

Honey Creek Campground has all the elements that my wife and I have been looking for in campgrounds--a beautiful view, lake or river, modern facilities, and a strong cellphone signal. My wife's not with me today (a Thursday) because she's home working at her consulting business; I'm out exploring for new places to camp and am so glad to have found this one, less than an hour and a half from home.

The Green Goddess kicked back and relaxed at Space 136

Out here on the peninsula, the wind whipping waves and trees reminds me of the ocean, no barrier to discourage the blowing. I'm enjoying it but, really, am glad I spent the first three days and two nights a couple hundred yards up the road and out of the wind. It was more peaceful and restful; I had a peaceful, easy feeling there, whereas in my current spot for the next twenty-four hours, it's definitely going to be more exciting and stimulating. I plan to spend more time today reading and writing, though, so all is well.

On Tuesday morning when I arrived, it began raining just as I was setting up. That was my fastest set-up ever, I think! That done, I spent most of the day inside reading and writing. My smaller ice chest was also inside, so I snacked for the day--potato salad, chips and hummus, pistachios, bagels and cream cheese, cold cereal and bananas--and hot tea. On Wednesday it was beautiful, blue sky and no wind, so I cooked well, set up the outside camp, and explored on my bicycle, a great day of exploration, exercise, and easy campcraft.

Also creativity! I spent the day taking photos and video snips so that I could make a video of the campground and area, using my iPhone and the iMovies app. I really like this app. It is easy to use and has the capacity to refine and edit to create a better product. The video I created is below.

My wife and I will definitely come here again. Honey Creek Campground is a sweet spot for camping. Lake Rathbun was created by the Army Corps of Engineers, and is one of the largest lakes in Iowa. Next year my wife and I will also have fun exploring some of the Corps' campgrounds on the lake. Honey Creek State Park is run by the Iowa DNR.

For now, since it's warming up, I'm going to go out to take a walk--crosswind.

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  1. WOW! What a lovely video! All edited on your phone?

  2. Yes the iPhone iMovie app is quite user-friendly, I think. I was camping by myself and exploring a new campground, so I just made producing the movie my project of the day. There are two avenues for production, a movie (completely on your own) or a trailer, which is a template project. For the one on this post, I chose the template. Did you notice how the music crescendos when it visuals reach the food? I thought that was funny but didn't want to change the whole movie. Thanks for the comment.