Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A Darling Overnighter at Lake Darling

A cool morning, so I bundled up!
In my quest to locate campgrounds that will work both as campsites and mobile office, I teardropped to Lake Darling State Park here in SE Iowa, seventeen miles from home. I had camped there before on overnight bicycle trips and visited for day trips, but I really wanted to scout the park to see if there was a pocket of cellphone receptivity somewhere.

Success! There is sufficient receptivity on the hill loop of the campground if I use our signal booster. The only problem is that the hill is prairie transformed to grassy campsites--no shade, and not a good spot for camping when weather is in the 90's.

An overnight trip consists mostly of arriving, setting up, eating, sleeping, and leaving in the morning. Sound like a waste of time? Well, I do see the point. However, I was determined to accomplish more than just check out the cellphone receptivity.

After checking out the receptivity,  I played (field tested) with some of my new toys: hitch tightener, foldable storage bags, but mostly using the new stabilizing jacks and jack pads. Also, I erected the awning again, using the four-inch suction cups. Everything worked well, so this was a successful "shake-down" overnighter.

Below are more photos and captions of my mini-trip.

From a bike camping trip, down by the lake.

Evening. I'd moved my chair to escape the late sun.
Early morning, preparing to leave.

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