Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Local Tiny Trailer Camping--and I Mean REALLY Local

Evening at Jefferson County Park

I'm camping because I'm a superhero . . . or is it superhusband? Maybe both, and maybe don't take me too seriously. And don't worry, I'm not wearing spandex!

Last week I camped at an Army Corps of Engineers campground at Lake Rathbun, and from that base I explored another Corps campground on my bicycle--so, bicycle exploring, and reading, writing, napping, and meditating in the hot afternoons in my tiny (air conditioned) camper ("Dances with Lightning Bugs"). It was a fun experience, and I found two new campgrounds that my wife and I can camp at. Both have good cell phone receptivity, so we can camp while my wife continues her business work at "Mobile Office 1." 

However, while I was out getting sunshine, fresh air, and exercise in the morning and rest and relaxation in the afternoon, my sweetie was working her derriere off at home with a productive yet long and exhaustive week. This week, however, is great for camping with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, no rain and low humidity. My wife is training an employee, though, so my solution to her "why am I not camping with Tom even though I'm not retired" blues is to camp locally, and I mean really local--at the local county campground just four miles from our house, across town, at Jefferson County Park

I camped there about a month ago ("Surfing the Heat Wave") to check out the camping-in-heat experience and to try out some new covid procedures. Now I'm here and giving Sandy a chance to work, train her employee, and camp--all the while being safe and just a skip and a hop from home. It's always an interesting camping experience so close to home because there's always more interaction with home. I might ride my bike home to work in the garden. Sandy might commute home to work in the office rather than at camp. Her employee (her son) might drive out to the park and work there. It's flexible. 

Evening relaxation, cool enough for a fire not to be laughable

I've set up our six-person Big Agnes Town House tent for Mobile Office 1, so everyone has many possibilities for daily activity. A big plus for us is that Jefferson County Park has fine hiking trails, so we can weave hikes into the day. In an article I wrote a  year ago last spring, I called camping here like having a "dacha just outside of town." We were having our home remodeled, so we just moved for a few days into our tiny trailer here at JCP.

My schedule for the last two days has been mornings and evenings at our "dacha," with the day spent at home working on the garden and Sandy's working downstairs in her office. Our peach tree is full of ripening peaches right now, so for three days, I've cut and frozen enough peaches for five pies. I hope to prep more peaches as they ripen--that in addition to eating fresh peaches with my morning cereal and also having already baked a large peach cobbler and a large peach crisp over the last few days. Yum!

It's great, though, to get away from the house and to enjoy this short respite from the usual summer heat and humidity, which will return again by the weekend. This has been an easy time this week, and our tiny trailer is one main reason it's been so easy. Even if we just get out to the campground in the early evenings, as we have been, we can feel ourselves relax--less headline news and watching TV, more talking to one another and just enjoying a campfire and the setting sun. Local camping has its charms!

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