Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Just a Tiny Trailer and a Bit of Snow

tiny teardrop trailer camping, Mount Shasta
Most of us like snow to be a distant touch of beauty, as in this photo. Weather can change, though!
"My wife Olga and I camping on the side of Mount Shasta in Northern California at about 8,000 ft."
(Ron Christianson photo, FB Teardrop Camper Group)

Spring is about a month away, so it's time to share some winter snow camping photos while it's still interesting! Soon we'll be focused on greening trees and faint, warm breezes. Many of us will be preparing for the first outing of the season. Air up the tires, grease the wheel bearings, and we're good to go. And the biggest plus is that you don't need to buy a behemoth to pull it. I've gathered some photos from tiny trailer FB groups that typify some of the possibilities of cold weather tiny trailer camping--and with any luck may these photos be among the last images of stone cold camping we'll see this season.

in the photo below, Shawn Belver's experience camping in a blizzard found condensation to be a challenge for his tiny trailer. The small space of a tiny trailer and a big temperature differential between inside and out can create that dreaded "dewpoint" experience inside your camper. There are ways to fight condensation, but sometimes the environment can overwhelm the cures. (See "Minimizing Condensation in a Teardrop or Tiny Trailer" for solutions.) Shawn does mention in a later FB comment that he should have cracked a side window.

tiny teardrop trailer camping, Flagstaff, Arizona
"I love it! This is my first time camping in the snow, and it was a doozy Flagstaff, Arizona. Condensation was unreal--never experienced that before, not good for the trailer. Seventeen degrees outside in a blizzard, and 68 inside with no heater, just body heat and condensation. (Shawn Belver photo, FB Teardrop Trailer Lovers group)

Yes, spring is coming, but that doesn't mean that snow might still catch you unawares. Rob and Terri Schmidt, on Memorial Day weekend in 2019 (that's May/June, folks!), discovered the Sierra Nevadas can "spring" a few surprises on you. Here's what Rob said about their three-day weekend.
"We discovered our target campground was still buried under snow, so we went down about 1,000 ft to 5,500 ft for some boondocking or dispersed camping as it's called around these parts. We had hoped to escape the inclement weather but that was not to be. We had the sun, thunder, lightning, rain, sleet, hail and snow, all in one three-day weekend. What FUN!"
tiny teardrop trailer camping, Tahoe National Forest
"My daughter thought it was a fire, but nope, just some weather moving past."
An awesome photograph, prior to the storm, Tahoe National Forest.
(Rob Schmidt photo, FB Teardrop Camper Adventures group)

tiny teardrop trailer camping, Tahoe National Forest
"And then this happened--Sunday Morning Wake-Up! Loved it ALL!"
Tahoe National Forest. (Rob Schmidt photo. FB TCA)

Every season has its "National Geographic" moments. The light breaking through the clouds and illuminating the trailer in the photo below sets the mood for all tiny trailer romantics. Surrounded by nature, the tiny trailer provides a safe haven from the storm. All this--and yet the photographer Ron Christianson says he snapped this photo from his front porch! He explains below.
"This photo was taken right next to our home here in Oregon. It's winter, and what you see is smoke that came out our woodstove chimney that for some reason carried over to the trailer instead of going straight up like usual. The teardrop is a 1947 Cub Modernistic. Olga and I used the Modernistic for over 30 years and finally wore it out. I re-built it and gave it to my oldest son, Jonathan, as a wedding gift. Jonathan and his new wife liked teardropping so much that they, along with my 'middle' son Sawyer, ended up starting Oregon Trail'R. They have been quite successful and gave us a brand new Frontear teardrop, which is what we use today."

tiny teardrop trailer camping, Oregon
(Ron Christianson photo. FB Teardrop Camper Group)

Tiny trailer campers are already heading out, willing to deal with a bit of snow. The below photos demonstrate a little boondocking in the snow. Gravel roads, an off-road trailer, and a Jeep allow for many camping possibilities! I'm probably over-cautious about where and when I tow. I recognize the fact that I'm not an experienced long-haul trucker. That's why I always appreciate examples of campers who are stretching the borders. It reminds me that with my Nissan Pathfinder and my tiny trailer, many possibilities are open for me to enjoy.

tiny teardrop trailer camping, Oregon
"We were in central Oregon camping with a friend (Jason from Primal Outdoors on YouTube) about 45 minutes from Bend.
Our trailer is a TeardropsNW, the Scout model. We love it. It can go anywhere." (Julie Erwin photo. FB TTL group)

tiny teardrop trailer camping, Oregon
"The requirements over the pass when we headed home said 'chains required if towing,' 
so we had to run in and buy chains for the Jeep." (Julie Erwin photo. FB TTL group)

Let's enjoy these last views of snow . . . even though they might not be the absolute last! My wife and I are heading out to a local state park this weekend, out first outing of the 2020 season. Highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. Low nighttime temperatures around freezing. A little peace and quiet. A hint of spring. And who knows? Maybe a weather surprise. We're taking a little extra food, so just in case we are surprised, at least we won't go hungry!

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  1. The whole time we were traveling in AZ last week I was watching for people camping out in the desert. Saw a few. Was wishing I was out there with them!

    1. It's such a big desert. I wonder how they know where to camp, where the best places are. There must be a boondockers' network that I have connected with yet. I do know a few folks, though, who would probably point me in the right direction!

  2. One day, yes, one day I'm going winter camping. Just did my first Polar Plunge on my 70th birthday this month. Why did I wait so long? Love the articles.

    1. Polar Plunge! A true celebration of cold weather! I'm glad you like my articles. I have fun researching and writing them. It's also the way I learn, by interacting with information.