Monday, December 30, 2019

Camp Repair: Doing It with Duct Tape

"The handyman's secret weapon--duct tape," said the TV show character Red Green.

How many campers out there are disciples of the fix-it TV legend? Here are a few other maxims about the power and glory of duct tape.
  • Be generous with the duct tape; spare the duct tape, spoil the job.
  • It doesn't matter if it's duct tape or zip ties--fixed is fixed.
  • I don't always fix stuff, but when I do, I use the handyman's secret weapon--duct tape.
I realized that I must have been listening and learning from Red because I've fixed at least three things with duct tape while tiny trailer camping--and have the photos to prove it.

My trailer bashed by a tree limb

Utilitent, the bottom abraded by strong winds and cement

Down jacket, snagged by firewood

It's never a dull moment out on the road and in the camp. Is there anything you can't fix with duct tape--that's worth fixin'? I've even read about getting rid of warts with duct tape. Fortunately, I currently don't have to consider duct tape for health problems! It's a crazy world, but not all hope is lost. We have a solution that will stick with us (and to us) through thick and thin.

What are your duct tape stories?

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