Monday, August 12, 2019

A Year of Tiny Trailer Know-How

A blog is a sluggish version of an Internet social page in that articles and information get buried over time. It's always the new post that gets the attention. This week Green Goddess Glamping celebrates one year of tiny trailer reportage, and with over seventy articles posted, I'm concerned that good information and interesting stories will be lost to viewers as more articles keep piling up over time.

I have a solution, though, one that needed a year of articles to put to work. To celebrate a year of tiny camper research and writing, new page tabs have been created to aggregate many of those articles into categories that can be easily accessed. Besides the Home page, over the last year four other tabs were added below the header: Owner ProfilesTom Kepler Books, Tom's Blogs, and About. Eleven profiles of happy tiny trailer owners were published over the first year, along with pages to provide more information about me.

Now four new pages have been added to the blog to simplify access to good information and stories. Links are provided below or, if you are on a computer and not a phone app, on the tab links below the header. Not every article is listed, although all articles can be referenced through the sidebar's Label gadget or from the Archives gadget. Also, searching the blog might pull up some unexpected resources. However, the tabbed pages are a great and easy source for quite a bit of Green Goddess Glamping's content.

  • Why Tiny Trailers? Over this last year, it has been impossible to write about people camping in tiny trailers without asking the simple question of "Why?" Responses to that question are from me, tiny trailer owners, folks in the tiny home movement, and even the American Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.
  • Tiny Trailer Travelogues Many owners of tiny campers take awesome, epic trips. It has been my good fortune to chronicle them, often taking all the data from a dozen Facebook posts and many comments on photographs and organizing those comments into a coherent, unified essay. Quite honestly, the result impresses even those adventurous souls who made the journey. "Wow! That was quite a trip, wasn't it!"
  • Green Goddess Expeditions Sometimes my modest adventures in the Green Goddess get lost among all the technical discussions and continent-wide travels of others. Therefore, I've compiled the modest yet mighty adventures of the Green Goddess under a tab page, providing easy access to personal exploits in some mighty fine SE Iowa campgrounds.
  • How-To As I learn, I write. Actually, the process of researching and writing helps me learn, so writing how-to articles increases my knowledge and competency; then I pay it forward to the readers. Trailer stability, security, heating and ac, cooking--the list goes on. I guess I'm just a lifelong learner, and I'm totally willing to share my reference library with readers. Often I feel while searching online that I'm collecting data that will be buried and lost on social media, snippets from a handful of sources, and I'm making it more readily available. 
  • Reviews I'm being deliberate with my reviews, not writing about a product until I've used it often enough to have a good knowledge of how well it works and its durability. Often I've also encountered comments on a product by other users, and I take those comments into consideration.
Feel like browsing? How about tiny trailer owners speaking out about why they travel light? How about a solo tiny trailer journey from Virginia to Newfoundland? How about a camping trip as sweet as honey, or a  knowledgeable article on tiny trailers and condensation? 

It's all there--or here. Yes, it's been a good year. With almost 50,000 page views and almost 100 email subscribers, I thank Green Goddess Glamping's readers, contributors, and the wonderful administrators of the Facebook tiny trailer and camping groups that feel my articles have merit. Year Two, here we come!

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  1. Excellent idea, this will be a real resource for lots of people interested in tiny trailers. I was camping in northern Michigan this past 6 nights, saw several tiny trailers in the two campgrounds I was in. Didn't approach the owners as I can see how that would become annoying after awhile. But if I ever run into YOU, I'm going to ask to see it! LOL!