Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bicycle Commuting from Our Tiny Trailer

The tiny trailer as a bicycle basecamp
A bit cool in the morning, but no rain

Rain certainly slows the outside work on our house. Right now we're adding more drainage around the north side of the house--and rain is due again at midnight. Rather than heading out to a campground over an hour away and letting the workers move along on their own, my wife and I have decided to camp again at the county park just four miles from our house. That way we can answer any questions and ensure the job is done in the best way for our house. After all, we know how and where the water flows when the rains come!

I've decided that since we are camping close to home again that I'll change my experience by commuting by bicycle to and from our house and town, letting Sandy drive the car during our five-night stay at the park. Sandy even said she might leave the car at home for a night and also ride her bike out to the campground. People are certainly going to wonder how we pulled the Green Goddess out there with bicycles!

We are in the season right now of the tiny biting flies and have had to apply the bug dope liberally. We use a natural ingredient spray and were wondering how effective it would be in keeping away the pernicious insects. Luckily, it works well--something called Bug Mace. We probably will have to apply it more often than some brands, though . . . but that's okay.

commuting and camping with a bicycle
Driving into Jefferson County Park

Driving or riding into our local park is always a revelation. Entering from either the main entrance or from the bike path, both road and trail are canopied by the trees, creating a green tunnel into the natural world. I always feel transported when I enter the park, reminded of the beauty and peace of the natural world.

Last night when Sandy quit work and arrived with the car, we just walked for a while, giving ourselves a time to unwind from the day's activities--me working in the garden and finishing up some food packing, and Sandy plying her day's consulting on computer and telephone. We walked the length of the campground, chatting with a young girl who was supremely exciting about discovering insect eggs on the undersides of leaves, checking out two vintage trailers, and providing an introduction to our tiny trailer to another camper. 

After a wonderful night's sleep in the Green Goddess, I bicycled back to our home just in time to provide some clarification for where and how the drainpipes will terminate in our yard. It's still a busy time outside, and tomorrow a skid loader is arriving to move the tons of soil that a dump truck brought yesterday. That is, of course, if it doesn't rain. The guys will cover the mountain of soil with a tarp for tonight, though, to ensure our mountain of soil doesn't transform into a river of mud. 

Meanwhile, back at camp, the cardinals and blue jays are busy. The trees are a luxurious green. And as for me, I'm going to commute from camp to home and from home to camp, enjoying the exercise and experiencing what it's like to not drive the car, to remind myself that, especially this time of year, two wheels are just as good as four.

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