Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Tiny Trailer Winterized Blues

Tiny trailer and teardrop winter camping presents unique challenges, such as heating and keeping food and water from freezing.
Single digit and sub-zero temperatures . . . sorry, but I'm not going camping!

And this photo was before the weather got worse! The wind is blowing outside, and the snow is drifting. I've just re-shoveled the trench from our house to our garage. Then I chopped more wood for our woodstove--I was going to work out on the elliptical but wanted to engage in more useful activity (besides getting healthy) and chopping wood it was. Fresh air, chill wind, and icy snow gritting the eyes. Ah, winter!

Then the weather worsened, and it wasn't just cold--it was damn cold! More snow that didn't leave, drifting and a couple of mornings of significant shoveling. I stand by my window, looking at the camper wrapped up outside. Beside me the woodstove is radiating warmth. Patience, Tom!

Twenty below zero, Fahrenheit, today, January 30, 2019. I'm not calling this a bell-ringer day, but it is a day I've prepared for. I've chopped a lot of wood, stocked up the refrigerator, steeped a cup of chai, and plan to spend the day inside. It will warm up today, of course, to a high of -9 degrees, F. I keep reminding myself that in the humid dog days of August, I will remember this frigid, icebox winter fondly. Hmmm . . . Well, maybe not fondly . . .

I'm comfortable, and it's weather like this that justifies my wife and I having our woodstove installed. If the energy goes offline, then we have the back-up. (And a house party with all of our neighbors visiting!) If not, then we have the comfortable heat that we've enjoyed for over ten winters. A win-win situation!

Meanwhile, the Green Goddess is in hibernation, and I am happily researching and writing, warm beside the fire.

At dawn, negative 20, but warm!

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  1. Hi. Here in Milwaukee, the same weather.
    How/what is covering your camper?

  2. I bought it from Classic Accessories. They have many sizes.